Founded in 2016, we are a community resource in education of human anatomy and physiology through the art of dissection.

 A non-profit 501 (C)(3) organization who actively seeks grants and fundraising for education, research, scholarships and special projects.

Colorado learning center of human anatomy’s approach to a cadaver lab was unique in ways for respecting the life being studied, it gave enlightening knowledge as to how the experience related to my practice, and challenged curiosity beyond superficial layers. The detail between bone structures, nerves, origins and insertions of muscles and their connection to movement was mind blowing. I believe seeing as many cadavers possible will only better my continuing education progressing my practice for massage therapy. I look forward to the next experience seeing new faces that can bring in different prospectives to the table. Thank you for the opportunity keeping me learning.

— Kayln Young/Facebook

Our Teachers

Beverly Boyer, RMT

 Lloyd Mills, RMT

Ivannie Robertson, Intern

Peter Schmid, D.0.

Natalie Wainani, RMT 

Our Board

Peter Schmid, DO

Ivannie Robertson, Intern
Vice President

Actively seeking/Treasurer

Mandie Hallisey, RMT/Secretary

Urszula Bunting/Community Member

Margaret Jansen, RMT/Community Member


Ivannie Robertson, Intern, Medical Student

Rachel Hastings, Intern, Medical Student