7/21/18 Neurological Breath Class with Norman Allard


7/21/18 Neurological Breath Class with Norman Allard

from 60.00

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Norman Allard will be facilitating a Neurological Breath Class along with the exploration of our innate human anatomy utilizing a human donor.

Link your breath with belly, brain, and heart through practical application and/or human anatomy dissection lab.

Improve issues related to stress, sleep, digestion, hypertension, energy, cognition, tension, mood, pain, anxiety and fear.

Program includes NEW information on the Breath! Participants will learn:

A NEW practice, as always, designed to practically fit into your life.

How an intelligent "core" properly connected to the breath, improves psychological, physiological, and physical health.

How strongly our diaphragm impacts the function and health of the heart, lungs, and visceral organs.

How to develop your breath practice to help you experience deeper rest as well as more energetic physical activity and endurance.

How the breath impacts physical structures int eh body through examining a human donor (Lab only).

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Class will be offered in two stages, attendees choose.

8:30 - 11:45 noon Neurological Breathing $90

1 - 3:00 pm Lab followed by more Breathwork $60

Earn a discount of $10 when you sign up for both $140 entire class

For the lab portion of the class, CLCHA will provide each participant with a lab jacket, nitrile gloves and N95 masks.

Be prepared to self regulate, come well hydrated, wear comfortable clothing and closed toed shoes.

Participants will meet at Suspenshen Therapy (47th and hwy 119) then will travel to the Colorado Learning Center of Human Anatomy at 503 Terry Street, Longmont, CO 80501 (located at Carroll and Lewellen Funeral Services)

Lab and Breathwork:
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