"Honor my Birth and Honor my Death then Life, Shall be Complete."    -Kayla A, CLCHA Donor

The human body becomes the illuminating educational tool for health.  "Let the learning begin!"  -Vicki J, CLCHA Donor

Our organization offers a human donor program for education and research in human anatomy.  A personal representative meets with each donor individually and with the family.  Donors submit a complete health history with accompanying medical records.  They are able to share his/her lifestyles, work history and activities of one's daily living.

Our program works with Carroll and Lewellen Funeral and Cremation Services to serve the needs of the Donor Program.  From the time of death to the time of return of the Donor to their family or authorized recipient, we work in conjunction to support the entire process.

Donors are honored during the education process by lighting candles during hours of study, listening to music that resonates with the donor, and each participant is asked in their own special way to honor the Donor.

 By appointment only. Contact us for further information. 720-316-5250

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift; that's why they call it the present."  Eleanor Roosevelt